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A MUD client geared toward MOOs and MOO programming and development. Features: * Dynamic Graphics Support w/GraphicMacros * Local Editing (with Stop/Cancel) * File uploading/logging * ESC-w connection switch * Custom Color Settings for Input Area, Output Area, and File Editor * Custom Font Settings for Input Area, Output Area, and File Editor * Printing from the File Editor * New Mail notification from your POP account * Unlimited multi-line input editor (use CTRL-Enter or ESC-Enter for new lines) * Copy from output, paste to input or connection. * Unlimited output support. * Scroll Lock prevents screen from jumping while reading scrollback * Editor supports RTF files as well as color hilighting (foreground only), font changes, and size changes. * Popup input editor allows free-form command editing. * Parethesis/bracket Matching in the input window and file editor.

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